Holistic Mental Health

I view mental health and wellness as a holistic endeavor — each of us is responsible for our well-being spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Any ailment on one level affects the other levels. Therefore, I like to address each dimension, especially where pain, confusion, or disharmony is experienced. Only then can acceptance, transformation, empowerment, and decisive action take place.


At Sapphire Lotus Holistic Healing Center, I provide mental health therapy, emotional healing, and spiritual guidance in each session as needed — for adults and adolescents. 


I listen to each individual’s circumstances, emotional cycles, thought patterns, habits, and physical  symptoms, with knowledge from my experience as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and through applying an intuitive skill set and holistic healing perspective.

The initial session is a diagnostic evaluation, where we identify problem areas based on your history and present moment awareness of your struggles. Next, we clarify treatment goals based on your vision. The individual sessions that follow take us on a path of healing unique to you. 


While I diagnose and treat mental health disorders, the true focus of my work is to provide a therapeutic relationship and hold space for clients developing self-love and acceptance, inner harmony, transformation, and new habits. Each person’s path to emotional healing is distinctive, and I utilize a variety of techniques to help clients process and release deep emotional wounds and self-destructive habits, while increasing their awareness of self, their environment, and relationships to foster a clear and solid sense of identity and course of action. Education and recommendations are offered that add to a client’s tool-kit for improved present-moment living, choice making, life-enhancing habits, and personal evolution.


The wide array of tools I utilize in my practice guides individuals towards wellness on all levels, supporting your own ability to heal. I blend techniques and strategies derived from my work as a mental health therapist using the following psychotherapy styles: Person Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and more. Career and life purpose direction can be provided as well, upon request. In addition, my training in energy healing, meditation and breath practices, qigong, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) help clients center, ground, process, and release stagnant energy.


My education includes a master’s degree in Community Counseling from Kent State University; a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, with a minor in writing from Kent State University; certificates in Reiki I and Reiki II; energy healing training from EvolvingHumans; and special training in EFT, meditation, native awareness (soft skills), and intuitive arts. Other continuing education includes self-care for helping professionals, dream work, and men’s work. As a Graduate Assistant Coordinator at Kent State University, I co-taught Wellness for College Life and Beyond to freshman — teaching college students how to develop a holistic lifestyle. I’m also an advocate for the responsible use of herbal remedies, high quality supplements, and essential oils. My interest in holistic health, wellness, mental health, energy healing, and spirituality has led me to develop the necessary therapeutic frameworks to customize treatment for each client’s healing needs.


  • Empathic & compassionate dialogue.

  • Relaxation for the body & nervous system. 

  • Emotional processing & nurturing guidance.

  • Premium mental health & emotional support.

  • Specific intuitive feedback & emotional release.

  • Diagnosis & treatment of mental health disorders.

  • Encouragement & structure in your healing journey.

  • Transformational practices you can do on your own.

  • Recommendations for holistic mental health self-care.


  • Meditation

  • Grief & loss

  • Spiritual issues

  • Healthy lifestyle

  • Life adjustments

  • Breath practice

  • Spiritual practice

  • Relationship skills

  • Communication skills

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Personal development

  • Self-esteem & self-care

  • Mental health counseling

  • Injury & pain management

  • Adult individual counseling

  • Career & life path counseling

  • Adolescent individual counseling

  • Relaxation & stress management

  • Contactee, paranormal & spiritual experiences

  • Herbal education & energy healing self-practice


Individual Session (60 min) 


Now is the time to heal! I look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your mental health and wellness journey.

Contact Michael with questions and to schedule your Individual Sessions:

Text/Call -- 330.970.9068

Email --

NOTE:  In-person and Telehealth sessions (phone and video calls) are available! When scheduling, select In-person or Telehealth depending on your preference.

In gratitude,


Michael B. Canton, M.Ed., LPCC


*Cancellations for Sacred Psychotherapy Individual Sessions must occur prior to 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, a 50% late cancellation fee is assessed. This is to appreciate the time set aside by the therapist.

Thank you!


**Due to COVID-19 safety guidelines, in-person sessions include the following protocol:


  • Call or text 330.970.9068 upon arrival.

  • Stay in your vehicle or outside the office building until greeted by your therapist.

  • A temperature check will be conducted prior to entering the building.

  • New clients read and sign COVID-19 Protocol Release Forms.

  • Wearing a mask is required for the client.

  • The therapist will wear a mask.

  • The client chair is cleaned between every appointment.


Thank you for staying safe!

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All team members at Sapphire Lotus Holistic Healing Center are independent contractors .

Please note that each team member schedules clients by appointment only.

View each one below to see their specialties, and connect with them further to schedule an appointment!

Unless noted otherwise, all appointments are held on-site at

919 Cherry St East, Suite 103, Canal Fulton, OH 44614

Brittany Stefan

Brittany is a  Licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated from Stark State College and has been practicing since 2012, when she received her licensure by the Ohio State Medical Board. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Akron in 2017. She also received her certification in FMT Rocktape in 2017 and FMT Cupping in 2019, although she’s been incorporating cupping into her massages since college. She was also recently certified in Thai Massage!

She loves everything holistic. She specializes in deep tissue, but loves doing any type of therapeutic massage; With experience in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping and certified in Reiki II, she is sure to make you feel better. She will also be adding Thai Massage to her services soon!
She opened her business in Canal Fulton in 2019 as Sapphire Lotus Massage and quickly expanded to Sapphire Lotus Holistic Healing Center. She is looking forward to many years being apart of the community!


Text/Call -- 330.208.3915

Email --

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Alexis Jarvis

Founded in 2013 and established in 2017 by Alexis Jarvis, “Prosperous Life LLC” started as a personal and professional consulting firm and has since grown to be not the average one of a kind consulting agency. Our aim is to align the physical being with the subconscious spirit by releasing toxins and negative energies that form and attach themselves to the body to allow a deeper connection between the conscious and subconscious mind. In return this brings our clients to a greater understanding of who they are, what their needs are, and what it is they want out of life by teaching how to talk, cleanse, and

listen to the body.

Still specializing in our personal and professional

developing sessions, we now also offer:

Body Detoxification

Reiki II Therapy

Chakra Balancing

Ordained Ministries.


Each available service involves special techniques and has unique meanings altered for each individual client to allow the maximum effect and a guaranteed lasting experience.

Contact for more information + scheduling:

Call  -- 330.255.9454

Website --

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Megan is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Owner of Ivy Gate Massage, located in Sapphire Lotus Holistic Healing in Canal Fulton. Megan has been licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board since 2007. She has maintained several locations from Millersburg, to working in Amish Country and here in Canal Fulton.


She loves that she gets to help people with a range of techniques from Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Reiki 1, and being certified in Geriatric Massage through the Daybreak Institute.

A little about Megan is she does Animal Transport and LOVES her granddaughter, Sienna Mae, and her Harley Davidson!

Megan looks forward to meeting you and helping you feel your healthiest!

Contact for more information + scheduling:

Text/Call -- 330.265.6181

Email --

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Megan McCullough


Mental Health Therapist & Holistic Counselor