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About Sapphire Lotus

Sapphire Lotus Massage LLC was founded by Brittany Stefan in early 2019, where she originally started renting a massage room in Canal Fulton, sharing with Megan McCullough. She decided to start her own business offering Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Cupping Therapy; She was tired of working for others, and wanted to be closer to home, she started to grow and took a huge leap of faith, leaving her full time job in July 2019.


In late 2019, an opportunity presented itself to grow and expand into more than just a single room, but rather a whole office! Brittany was intrigued by the opportunity and it felt so right, so Brittany and Megan picked their own rooms, and moved into 919 Cherry St East, Suite 103, on  Thanksgiving Day, 2019.

Brittany finds it fascinating how most of the team members are certified in Reiki, and that's what connects everyone together! All of these practitioners have the capability and desire to help others, one by one!

Brittany, Megan, Sarah & Clara invite you into this beautiful, and welcoming environment, to relax, to heal, and to restore your body. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of this amazing community. We look forward to meeting you.

Peace, Love, & Healing.

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