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Sapphire Lotus FAQ

What are the benefits of Massage Therapy? Just to name a few- Stress Relief, Reducing Anxiety, Pain Relief (Low Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Neck Stiffness, Migraines, Headaches, Arthritis, the list goes on); Better Sleep, Increased Circulation, Lowers Blood Pressure, Increase Joint Range of Motion and so many more!


Who should get a Massage? Everyone with skin! Jokes aside, Massage is beneficial for everyone, young, older and everyone in between!

What’s the difference between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue? Swedish Massage is known to be more relaxing with lighter pressure, and does not typically cause any soreness, nor work out any possible issues. Deep Tissue is much stronger pressure, targeting the deepest muscles, and fascia to alleviate pain, potentially a few days later. Soreness is typically felt after Deep Tissue Sessions.

What should I wear for a Massage? We ask that you dress down to your comfort level, which means you can leave your undergarments on, or remove them, as you will remain fully covered with a sheet and/or blanket during your session, only areas that are being massaged are uncovered at a given time; for example uncovering the leg, and using draping methods to remain modest and comfortable, while the therapist is able to massage into the thigh or hip.

What procedures can I expect? After you are welcomed in via call or text, you are free to use the restroom if you’d like, and then new clients will discuss the intake form (will be sent to you upon scheduling with Brittany), and what type of massage and pressure you prefer, as well as any problem areas that may need special focus. Then, the therapist will instruct you how to lay, and the areas that will be massaged- (neck, arms, legs/feet, and back is standard, unless otherwise discussed) and you will be left alone to dress down to your comfort level, and get comfortable on the table under the provided sheet/blanket. Prior to coming in, we knock or ask if you are ready for us to come back into the room, to begin the session.

How should I prepare for my Massage? Preparation for a Massage includes no alcohol 24 hours prior to session, drinking plenty of water, so your muscles and skin are at their best, and just try to relax.

Which way do I begin laying on the table? Typically, unless otherwise discussed, most therapists begin with the client laying face up staring at the ceiling, laying on their backs. Of course, there are always exceptions, depending on preference and needs.

Can I exercise before or after? If you’d like to exercise on the day of your massage, I recommend doing it prior to your massage. We just ask that you please not come sweaty.

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